Tasertricks - NSFW Art Challenge #25 (Toy)

Requested by Anon

I didn’t know which ship the anon wanted so I just decided to go on with my ship instead. I hope you like it!

Some Sudden Updates and stuffstuff

Heya all! Sorry for disappearing all of the sudden. My husband and I just had a last minute trip to my hometown for his sister’s anniversary event. Then we proceed into helping my family for my sister’s wedding this Wednesday. Which brings us to some… uh… news (?) on what’s to come (?).

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Tasertricks - NSFW Art Challenge #3 (First time)

Requested by the loverly madkakerlaken 

Thank you for the lovely message! I hope you’ll like this one. <3

Another request is on queue and will be posted up at the usual time. Sorry if I’m going a little slower this time, I’m still so tired. I’ve been taking naps on the time I’m suppose to draw but since I cut down my sugar intake (the doctor said my sugar level is high and it’s unhealthy for the baby’s development), I feel much more tired than I was before. 

Sure hope I could finished up all the requests! <3


A wonderous fuck-ton of human hand references.

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Tasertricks - NSFW Art Challenge #12 (Fingering)

Requested by two lovely Anons.

(I tried posting the full view on a different site, so I hope phone users could view them.)

Whoa! WHAT?! OAODidn&#8217;t realize I reached 700 followers!! Hello, welcome, and ily. &gt;//////&lt;

Whoa! WHAT?! OAO

Didn’t realize I reached 700 followers!! Hello, welcome, and ily. >//////<

toothlass replied to your post: toothlass said:Seemingly random r…

AGH that sounds awesome! I’ll be waiting with bated breath until it’s created! 😘

All those ideas brewing in my head now.

I get really sad sometimes because I can't art and I just want tasertricks pictures and then I remember that you exist and do all the best ones anyway and are basically the goddess of tasertricks art

Me…? G-Goddess of Tasertricks? W-What… what are you saying?

I-I mean, thank you! >///////////////< But don’t let me be the one that will stop you from drawing what you love. It may be hard at first but if you keep enjoying yourself by drawing, you will be surprised how far you’ve become. Art, just like exercising, is a progress. Keep drawing and don’t let others discourage you, you magnificent being! 

Hi Fae!!! Just want to drop a message on how much I love your blog and your art! It was during Thor 2 movie, that I started thinking that Witty Darcy could go with Mischief Loki and it might ended up as a funny scene in the show. Then I came across your fan arts on deviantart and tumblr, and I felt deeply in love with Tasertricks!!! I'm so happy every time you have a new tasertricks art. They are also invading my desktop & phone screen savers. <3 Don't stop drawing them!!! LASTLY, I LOVE YOU! :D

Hello there, Miranda! Thank you for loving my blog and thank you for loving my work! I hope you’ll enjoy what I will bring in the future. Also, welcome to the Tasertricks ship! I started shipping them before Avengers were released. And that was when I stumbled upon this gif:

I began to imagine what it’s like if Loki ever get to meet Darcy. My spark started from there. Then I read this fanfiction ‘Changing of the Seasons’ by LJ-Todd on deviantart, that made me dwell into the ship even more. And now I’m stuck and will never leave. XD

It’s flattering to know someone is using my works as a desktop and phone screen savers. I have discussed with a couple of artists on DA that I will be working on a sexy Tasertricks lock screens for phones. It would be awesome to see people using them. :D


Seemingly random request, but have you seen Tom Hiddleston's cameo in Muppets Most Wanted omfg I would die to get a TaserTricks rendition of it

I have and I love it! Especially when Escapo fell after being tasered by Tina Fey’s character. 

He fell like a wimp and I never laughed so hard!

And I would like to thank you for giving me a fabulous Tasertricks Halloween special idea! :D

Hey guys! Just got back from my hometown and am ready to draw all the requests you sent me! ^w^ Also, thank you for your lovely messages! I will definitely (and very grateful) to answer them right away. 

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Hi! That problem occurs on the mobile application of Tumblr. It is because there are some numbers before the “.tumblr.com”, and the app reads it as a nickname. I believe the only solution is opening your blog on a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Opera) and than the full views of…

I couldn’t find a way to view this comment fully, but I sure hope that anon manage to understand what’s happening when clicking the link to a full image. Thank you, madkakerlaken


I happen to receive two (or maybe the same) anon messages telling me that the [CLICK LINK FOR FULL VIEW] on my NSFW requests leads them to a different/weird blog. 

I went around to check on the links and they worked fine for me. I just want to know if any of my followers have the same problem too? If so, please do come off as anon and inform me and I will do whatever I can to fix it as soon as I’m back from my break. Another question, what is this weird blog that lead you? I am curious and I hope the blog doesn’t harm your computer.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Every time I click the link for see more it takes me to some weird blog...

Are you the same anon? I’ll try to fix it up immediately.