hey there! just wanted to say that you're so incredibly talented- I use your art as a reference when I practice and sketch and it's incredibly helpful (: i look forward to more of your work, much love :D

I have tried replying to this for days but my local internet won’t allow me. Anyways, I am actually quite speechless knowing there’s someone out there who use my works as a reference! Believe me, I do that to other artists too and I admit that I felt really honored by this. Thank you! I am sorry if some of my drawings aren’t helpful to you or to anyone since my drawings aren’t consistent. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming works. Once again, thank you! <3


Terrible singing job aside, this is a pretty well edited video, featuring odinnadsad and riotfaerie.

Omg. This was forever ago!

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I think there is on ao3

Excellent! Will try to look for it when I have the time. :D

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Darcy is unisex

I didn’t know Darcy is a unisex name. Mainly because I’m Asian and live in Borneo. We don’t often use this name. It’s good to know we don’t have to look for a guy name for Darcy (female ver). Instead, I’m calling this one ‘Guy-Darcy’ just so I could differentiate the two. XD

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Guy-Darcy sounds nice ^^ now i want to read stories of him with Lady Loki x)

I really wonder if there’s a fic about genderbend Loki and Darcy. XD

barnebucky answered your post: Genderbend - Darcy Lewis Wanted to dra…

I actually think his name should be Darcy as well :)

Then we shall stick to Darcy! :D Just to differentiate between gender, we’ll call this one Guy-Darcy. XD

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Darcy can be a boy name too :3 Or Dylan? David? Daniel? Awesome art

Dylan Lewis… Sounds about right, somehow. But the usual Darcy Lewis would be okay too, no? :D 

And thank you! <3

I think you're are an amazing artist!!!! can you do something for me? :D

Thank you so much! I can’t do much of requests right now since I’m busy celebrating a festive season. Though, I am curious, anon. What do you want me to do for you?

Happy birthday, dear! (sorry if I'm late, I think we have a 12 hour time difference)

It’s totally fine! My birthday was on the 30th so it’s okay if it’s late. Again, thank you so much! <3

Hi. I love your tasertricks art work, you're really talented. How are you? What are your favourite things to draw? I've heard a lot of people shipping tasertricks and a lot of people don't like it (which is fine), why do you like it? And what's your favourite tasertricks fanfiction? I know that's a lot of questions but I just really like your work.

Hi! I’ll be answering this in points, if you don’t mind. XD

  • First of all, thank you for loving my works! <3
  • I am feeling dandy today but a little tired. Will be watching GOTG tonight as a movie date! :D
  • I love to draw eyes. I find myself doodling them over and over during meetings. I also doodle portraiture with pen or a coloured pencil.
  • I don’t know why I like shipping Tasertricks. It just happened somehow and I think they’re kinda cute together. I believe most relationship doesn’t have to be one of those overly romantic or sexy. It’s having each other and being with each other is what matters. That’s how I see Loki and Darcy if they ever become canon.
  • I don’t really read a lot of Tasertricks fanfiction but I do remember being stuck to reading ‘Changing of the Season’ by LJ-Todd on deviantart. Though, I haven’t catch on with the latest chapters.

Thank you so much for your questions, sweetie! And thank you for keeping up with my progress. I have a couple of questions for you:

Why do you like Tasertricks and what makes you ship them? What is your favourite Tasertricks fanfiction?

Hiddlesauce and RiotFaerie ASK session!

Hey guys, just thought it would be cool if anyone want to ask me about anything. Anything personal, or anything art-related, or TaserTricks, or even anything silly, really! I would like to let you guys know about me and I will in return will learn something about you. :)

Ask session starts now but I will answer them as soon as I get my time around with the computer. 



happy birthday dearie!

Thank you, pumpkin! XD


Welp. Happy Birthday to me. :B

It’s almost 2am and I couldn’t sleep (had a nap earlier. Now I’m regretting it). I tried drawing anything Tasertricks related. Or anything Loki but nothing seem to work out. 

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